During the enforced closures due to Covid-19, please see below the menu which we will be able to offer on a two week rotation beginning Tuesday 24th March 2020.  All meals can be provided gluten and/or dairy free. The ONLY exception to this is the sausages offered in week 1, as we unable to source gluten free sausages at present.

Week 1 : w/c – 23/03, 06/04, 20/04, 04/05, 18/05, 01/06

Monday:  Lamb*, Vegetable & Potato Hotpot

Tuesday:  Mild Vegetable Lentil Chilli with Rice

Wednesday:  Sausage (Gluten)*, Vegetable & Mixed Bean Casserole

Thursday:  Vegetable Butter Bean & Spinach Curry with Rice

Friday:  Beef* & Vegetable Pasta Bolognaise


Week 2 : w/c – 30/03, 13/04, 27/04, 11/05, 25/05, 08/06

Monday:  Chicken* & Vegetable Ratatouille with Sauté Potatoes

Tuesday:  Vegetable Layered Potato Bake

Wednesday:  Beef* & Vegetable Cottage Pie

Thursday:  Vegetable Pasta Bolognaise Bake

Friday:  Meatballs* in Tomato & Basil Sauce with Rice

*On the days where the option is meat based, a vegetarian alternative will be available of a plain Jacket Potato 

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