The Oak Partnership Policies:

 TOP ~ Complaints Policy & Procedure

TOP ~ Financial Scheme of Delegation

 TOP ~ GDPR Policy

 TOP ~ Safeguarding Policy

 TOP ~ Whistleblowing Policy 2019


The Oak Partnership has adopted Somerset County Council’s HR Policies.

  Section 1 - HR Advisory Health Check.pdf

  Section 2 - Introduction to SSE HR Advisory and Governor Handbook.pdf

  Section 2a - Governor Appeal Guidance and Procedure.pdf

  Section 3a - Dignity at Work Code of Practice.pdf

  Section 3b - Equal Opportunities Policy.pdf

  Section 3c - Grievance Procedure.pdf

  Section 3d - Mediation Guidance.pdf

  Section 4ii - Academy Recruitment and Selection Policy.pdf

  Section 5a - Model Pay Policy.pdf

  Section 5a(i) - SCC Pay and Grading Structure for Support Staff 2017 and Sectio2018.pdf

  Section 5b - 2018 Model Policy for Appraising Teacher Performance.pdf

  Section 5c - Teachers Experiencing Difficulties (TED) Guidance.pdf

  Section 5g - Model Policy for Appraising Support Staff.pdf

  Section 5g(i) - Professional Standards for Teaching Assistants.pdf

  Section 6 - Contractual Provisions.pdf

  Section 7 - Induction Arrangements and Support Staff Probation Policy.pdf

  Section 8b Maternity and Paternity Leave Policy.pdf

  Section 8c Maternity Support Leave and Paternity Leave (Support Staff ) Policy.pdf

  Section 8d Adoption Leave Policy.pdf

  Section 8e Shared Parental Leave Guidance.pdf

  Section 9 - Flexible Working and Work-Life Balance.pdf

  Section 10 - Leave of Absence Provisions.pdf

  Section 10a - Disability Leave Guidance.pdf

  Section 10b - Additional Leave Purchase Scheme.pdf

  Section 11 - Sickness Absence Management Policy.pdf

  Section 11d - DWP Fit for Work Scheme.pdf

  Section 11e - Alcohol and Substance Misuse Policy.pdf

  Section 12 - Reducing the Risk of Work-Related Violence.pdf

  Section 14a - Capability Procedure.pdf

  Section 14b - Improving Individual Performance for Support Staff.pdf

  Section 15 - CODE OF CONDUCT.pdf

  Section 16a - Conducting an Investigation.pdf

  Section 16d - Discplinary Procedure - Academies and Non-Maintained Schoo ls.pdf

  Section 16e - Checklist for Handling Disciplinary Situations.pdf

  Section 17b -Redundancy, Redeployment and Premature Retirement Procedure for Academies.pdf

  Section 20 - Travel and Subsistence Guidance.pdf

  Section 21 - Access to Personnel Records.pdf

  Section 22 Copyright in Employment Guidance.pdf

  Section 23a Managing Allegations of abuse made against teacher s and other staff 2018.pdf

  Section 23b Managing Safeguarding Allegations Headteacher briefing not e 2018.pdf

  Section 25 - Premature Retirement Procedures - 2017-18.pdf

  Section 25b - Discretions Policy Guidance - For Academies - 2016-17.pdf

  Section 25c - Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC Wise).pdf

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