Guardians of the constitution; four Members, including one appointed by the Diocese, with power to appoint or remove directors.


Twelve Directors, accountable to the Members, Secretary of State, Diocese, parents, pupils and wider community; balance of skills, including financial, legal and HR as well as a passion for education.

Local Governing Committee

Clear delegated responsibility and decision making ability; allowing each school to retain individuality within the partnership.

Executive Team

Appointed by and accountable to the Directors; providing leadership and direction, ensuring viability and accountability, overseeing improvement and growth; building networks beyond The Oak Partnership.

Strategic Leadership Team

Consisting of the Heads of the Academy Schools and the Executive Headteacher; providing the collaborative strategic direction for the Multi Academy Trusts development.       

Network Groups

Consisting of subject leaders from all Academy Schools; ensuring that Multi Academy Trust developments are driven from the ground up.



 Scheme of Delegation


 Register of Business Interests


 Directors Info 2019-2020 (Meeting attendance, pecuniary interest & membership)

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